About BrandMEA

BrandMEA is a leading independent branding firm with four offices in Cairo, Calgary, Dubai, Muscat and Khartoum founded to provide the full spectrum of branding services from research to strategy and from logo design to development of complete identity systems.

At BrandMEA we believe that branding is a personification of a product or service. Branding is all about building and maintaining relationships with customers through a series of unique, insightful and connected experiences.

BrandMEA focuses on planning and guiding these experiences to ensure communicating the right sets of attributes to the right audience creating a consistent and favourable perception in their hearts and minds.



It’s not just important for us to better understand who you are, but it’s for you to better understand who you are, even if you think you know.

In addition to customer research, the discovery stage may include conducting a brand audit to benchmark your current state; and examining your corporate history and culture, industry environment, competitor landscape, reason for being (mission), and plans for the future (vision). If you have strategic documents like a business plan or results of a customer satisfaction survey, you’ll have a leg up.


This is where the data and context you’ve gathered gets distilled and turns into words and strategy to shape where the business is now and where it is you want to go.

We look at you in comparison to your competitors and define your unique value proposition: the description of the unique benefit you provide. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and guides your outreach through branding, marketing, and messaging.

An articulated value proposition, along with your other strategic statements, becomes a roadmap or “true north” to guide you in business decision-making and evaluating your future opportunities.


A fundamental stage of the branding process is the design of the logo or the brand mark, and identification of the basic brand elements such as the typefaces, primary and secondary colors.

Great creative work is always done with positioning in mind. A brand mark is made to highlight the brand idea or purpose, sub-brands are created in accordance with the brand architecture, and messaging is created to communicate how your brand is different than your competitors.

In the creation phase  we develop the visual and verbal brand identity expressions. Things like brand identity, brand applications, retail experience..

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All of which are created strategically, with a constant coherence to the brand’s strategy.


Best practice brand management is as much about how you are organized as it is coordinating brand usage and assets. We can help you to design your brand management organization for optimal stakeholder understanding, helping to move you from ‘brand police’ to enabling the whole organisation to use brands effectively – even in complex multi-market, multi-partner contexts. Our capabilities include brand asset portals development, system consulting, training as well as dynamic brand guidelines, design production and implementation supervision and brand guarding practice.

All with a view to delivering the best possible efficiency and return on brand investment.

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